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Reliable power, energy infrastructure solutions, and reduced OPEX

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Our Mission

Caban was founded in 2018 with the mission of designing advanced energy technologies for critical infrastructure. Caban’s vision is to modernize existing passive energy infrastructure to sustainably powered active energy systems via low-cost Energy-as-a-Service offerings. Caban is an energy infrastructure provider, offering end-to-end solutions for the largest telecom companies in the world.

Our Impact


kWh of Clean Energy
supplied to date


Metric tons of CO2e emissions
reductions to date and counting


Acres of U.S. Forests / trees
saved in one year and counting


Barrels of oil avoided
to date and counting


Miles driven avoided by an average
passenger vehicle to date and counting

Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

Achieve carbon neutrality without compromising reliability

Our energy infrastructure solutions help customers achieve sustainability and carbon-reduction targets while providing reliable power at a fraction of the cost. Caban Systems provides turnkey end-to-end energy solutions that dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Energy Infrastructure
Reliable power

Reliable power

Primary and backup power for any location around the world

Caban Systems provides reliable primary and backup power for any telecom site, including in on-grid, bad-grid and off-grid markets. We design and manufacture software-enabled energy storage systems and design energy-as-a-service solutions that ensure sites are powered without interruption.

Reduced OPEX

Diesel avoidance, reduced grid dependency and zero maintenance

Our end-to-end turnkey solutions use a comprehensive approach to modernize telecom infrastructure that makes antiquated technologies obsolete. Caban Systems lithium-ion hardware and energy-as-a-service solutions dramatically reduce diesel consumption and grid dependency, which reduces site operating costs by up to 40%.

Reduced OPEX

Caban Systems Intelligent Energy Storage Platform is Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.

We design and manufacture lithium-ion battery packs at our automated manufacturing facility in Burlingame, California, USA. As we modernize and democratize access to clean power, we’re most proud to contribute to California’s resurging manufacturing sector and growing economy.

Turnkey Energy Services

Caban Systems provides turnkey energy service solutions that support the design, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance and performance of site operations, for no money down. Our highly experienced teams are located in the countries that we operate within to ensure seamless operations – so you can do what you do best, service your customers.

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Caban Systems Lithium Batteries

Caban Systems Lithium-ion
Dramatically reduced OPEX - greater value.

Capex: High-density battery per square foot, Caban Systems lithium-ion technology includes a 10-year life expectancy.


Opex: With the elimination of maintenance, our batteries reduce site expenses by up to 40-70%.

Conventional Lead-acid
High maintenance costs - low efficiency.

Capex: Low-density battery, on average replaced within 1-2 years due to theft or discharge malfunction


Opex: Lead-acid batteries require frequent and costly maintenance to service diesel generators.

caban platform

Caban Systems Continuo Platform

The Caban Systems Continuo Platform is a cloud-based asset management system that enables real-time remote monitoring to unlock key insights into the performance of energy systems. The platform deploys advanced alerts that allow for early detection of maintenance and prevention of operational issues.

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Our Clients

Our experience and active operations in 7 countries, including US, Mexico, Caribbean,
Central America, South America and MEA, allow us to offer customers references to
certify our performance and recommendations in different projects.

We work with all major telecom carriers and mobile network operators across LATAM
and the Caribbean to support the telecom industry’s clean energy transition by facilitating
Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3, GHG compliance protocols across their network.