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Software Solution

Continuo Platform

Cloud-based asset management system

The Caban Systems Continuo Platform is a cloud-based asset management system that enables real-time remote monitoring to unlock key insights into the performance of energy systems. The platform deploys advanced alerts that allow for early detection of maintenance and prevention of operational issues. Customers have access to data that communicates the number of devices online, CO2 avoided, diesel avoided and cost savings.

Continuo Platform

Main Features

Data Transparency

The dashboard provides real-time access to critical data, including operational and non-operational sites, charging fulfillment, uptime, total energy throughput and location details.

Simplified Reporting

Gain easy access and create reports rapidly for energy delivery, cost savings in real-time, and avoid emissions from the performance of all global sites.

Intelligent Energy Management

Gain key insight into the performance of a site and leverage the Continuo platform to understand how to optimize for performance and cost by using historical data and experiential knowledge from other sites.

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