Caban systems

Lithium-ion energy storage


Bridging the Connectivity Gap

Caban’s Enduro Platform enables reliable connectivity for bad-grid and off-grid locations with a turnkey solution. We combine lithium-ion batteries and AI-enabled software to reduce MNO and towerco OPEX costs.


Enduro Power System

Energy Storage

Caban’s proprietary lithium-ion technology was designed and built for telecom: highest energy density, temperature controlled, with a small footprint. Caban lithium-ion solutions provide +10 years of use.

Remotely Monitoring & Power Management

Software enabled power tracking can individually meter each technology onsite. Integrated telemetry provides detailed performance data and alerts through Caban’s cloud-based portal.

Intelligence and Reliability

Caban’s proprietary SiteController manages PV, grid, genset, and battery combinations to provide optimal power to the site. The system can support up to 99.999% SLA.

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