Caban systems

Primary Power Source

Off-Grid Applications
Power Generation, Storage and high SLA

Caban Systems energy infrastructure solutions enable reliable connectivity for bad-grid and off-grid locations with a turnkey approach. We combine lithium-ion batteries and AI-enabled software to reduce MNO and towerco OPEX costs.

Our energy storage systems work in tandem with our cloud-based remote monitoring software and energy service solution to ensure uninterrupted power, optimized asset management and dramatically reduced emissions.



Poor Grid Key Features

  • High-density technology. Our lithium-ion hardware delivers 200-265 Wh / kg in energy density, four times more than lead-acid.

  • 10-year battery life. Our systems are tested and factory installed to ensure up to a 10-year lifespan.

  • Energy efficient. Our lithium-ion hardware uses significantly less power for charging than lead-acid and offers dynamics charging.

  • Reduced-theft Capabilities. Sites that are equipped with our lithium-ion batteries and ProTec Secure Cabinets experience reduced theft.

  • Accurate Billing & Forecasting. Our tenant metering system ensures that operators are only charged for energy used.

  • Proactive Customer Service. The most advanced cloud-based data analytics enable providers to proactively manage assets and improve the customer experience, through an increased uptime and consistently reliable connectivity.

  • Energy-as-a-Service. Flexible energy solutions that enable our customers to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and a traditional power grid.

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