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Announcements August 17, 2022

Caban Systems Announces Chief Revenue Officer, Andrew Usherwood

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Aug. 17, 2022

BURLINGAME, Calif – Caban Systems, Inc. (“Caban”) a leader in the design and manufacture of software-enabled energy storage solutions for the  telecommunications industry, today announced the appointment of Andrew Usherwood as the company’s CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) effective Aug. 1, 2022.

Andrew Usherwood

An experienced sales leader and strategic executive, Usherwood previously served as the Chief Executive Officer for Firefly, a cloud-based leader in Instructor-Led and Virtual Trainings from 2012 to 2022. During his tenure, he led Firefly through multiple phases

 of growth, including the management of a team that conducted training with more than 150,000 people. Prior to Firefly, Usherwood was the Director of Client Relations for Cisco. 

With Andrew’s appointment, Caban Systems is well poised to drive global sales and strategic revenue deployment, which will be instrumental in ushering the energy solution pioneer into the next phase of commercial growth and success. 

“Caban Systems is transforming energy infrastructure with innovative energy business models that are changing energy management for the telecom industry. I am thrilled to join the Caban Systems team at this pivotal time and I look forward to working with the team as it continues to scale its impact.”

About Caban Systems

Caban Systems, Inc. is an energy infrastructure provider, offering end-to-end solutions for some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Pioneering a best-in-class intelligent energy storage platform for the telecommunication infrastructure industry, Caban delivers modern infrastructure solutions to its customers, substantially reducing operational expenses and increasing uptime. Caban is accelerating the shift to sustainability for telecommunications providers and tower operators by providing access to affordable, reliable and renewably sourced power. All hardware is designed by Caban Systems, and manufactured in the U.S. For more information, visit