Financing the Clean Power Revolution


Caban Systems is a clean energy provider, powering telecommunication infrastructure with software- enabled storage solutions designed for off-grid, bad-grid and peak shaving. Our Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) offering is a turnkey solution which replaces diesel generators and lead-acid batteries at our customer’s site. This dramatically reduces operating expenses and increases site reliability. 

Our customers have the peace of mind of working with a single service provider, ensuring all engineering details are accounted for and implemented properly. We enter into agreements with customers to operate and maintain equipment to ensure their cell towers have energy. 

We have local teams set up to support deployments in the countries and communities that we serve. These regional teams speak the local language to ensure clear communication and seamless operation.

Reduced Operational Costs

With EaaS, customers can save on day one by replacing their current solution with a lower cost, more efficient, more environmentally friendly solution with zero risk to service quality and reliability.

Our EaaS model takes advantage of the most cutting-edge technology to drive down operational costs for our customers. Our purpose-built batteries were designed to last 10 years, a first in the industry.

Powered by Renewable Technology

We believe that we have a moral obligation to improve the environment on our planet, and clean energy is part of that solution. EaaS has empowered our customers to implement our systems quickly, reducing noise, air pollution, and creating cleaner communities for all. Our customers are able to achieve carbon neutral goals as a direct result of our carbon-saving technology and clean energy services.