The Next Generation of Energy Delivery with Integrated Energy Management

Caban Systems Intelligent Energy Storage Platform

Lithium-ion batteries. Sustainably sourced.

Our mission is to facilitate access to intelligent, clean, and affordable communications for all. We design and manufacture our lithium-ion battery packs in Burlingame, California, USA. 

Within our Enduro System, we’ve created a vertically integrated platform for plug-and-play installation on any telecom site. Caban Systems’ proprietary lithium-ion technology was designed and built to provide backup power in harsh environments. 

Enduro System: Intelligent Energy Storage

Caban PowerPacks are the lithium-ion battery packs that power a Compact, Standard, Duo, or Custom energy storage platform with clean power. Caban Systems offers clean energy solutions that eliminate fuel usage and optimize for energy and thermal efficiencies. Our low-maintenance system has a life expectancy of over 10 years, reducing operational costs on most telecom sites by more than 75%.

Modular Energy Storage Platform Customizable for Critical Infrastructure

Caban Systems DC Metering

Caban Systems’ proprietary DC Metering (DCM) platform centralizes the use of energy, enabling infrastructure sharing of multiple carriers on a single cell tower. This approach allows tower owners to individually meter and bill customers for the exact amount of energy consumed. Operators receive accurate billing and can forecast their unique energy usage profile easily. The system is capable of metering several discrete loads, enhancing the co-location experience of modern telecom sites. 

Operational Hardware

Cost-Effective Operations, Made Simple

From the most remote telecom site to a dense metropolis, Caban Systems optimizes site operations for reliable, clean, cost effective and intelligent power delivery solutions. Our Enduro System features a suite of hardware products that fully integrate our energy solution. 

Our system features include:

  • Caban Cloud Manager
  • Caban Telemetry
  • Caban Thermal Control
  • Solar Controller
  • Rectifiers

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