Software-Enabled Energy Management Platform

Real Time Intelligent Energy Monitoring for Your Asset Management

Making the transition from diesel to clean power is a complex operational undertaking. Our software-enabled systems reliably facilitate that transition while reducing operational costs and increasing uptime. Intelligent monitoring allows our platform to detect when and how a telecom infrastructure site has been compromised.

Caban Systems Continuo Platform

Our management software platform, Continuo, is our real-time dashboard generating a wealth of data in real-time. We take a holistic approach to monitoring energy use with custom dashboards and alerts that ensure reliable service.   

Continuo operates in tandem with Enduro, our energy storage system, reducing maintenance visits to telecom sites. Continuo is capable of fully integrating with solar or the grid, so power can be tracked remotely and troubleshooting can begin immediately if a problem arises.  

Designed to monitor and manage, Continuo displays critical data regarding delivery, source and use of power at each site. Customers can visualize the total energy throughput at a glance.

Asset Management & Rapid Deployment

Proprietary control over all hardware and software provides rapid and clear communication across all systems and devices, guaranteeing real time management and deployment. Access a global list of sites and stay in immediate contact with operators at each site directly with Continuo. 

Real Time Monitoring

Continuo provides a breakdown of throughput on individual sources and loads. Gain easy access and create reports for energy delivery, cost savings, and avoided emissions from the performance of all global sites.

Prevent faults before they happen

Continuo distributes real-time alerts with exact location, time, and error potential, allowing site managers to take action remotely. Our software simplifies telecom site maintenance with on-hand access at every step.