Caban systems

About Us

Caban delivers modern infrastructure solutions to its customers, while substantially reducing operational expenses and increasing uptime.

We deploy end-to-end turnkey solutions with a three-part system solution, including lithium-ion energy storage systems, cloud-based remote monitoring software, and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) offering for mobile sites, fixed networks and fiber nodes. Our energy management system is designed to supply primary and backup power for reliable connectivity, increased transparency and a significant reduction in emissions.

Our Experience

Caban Systems is a US-based battery and system manufacturing company. Caban Systems is the best company in the market, as it is a manufacturer and an end-to-end solutions provider. Today, it serves some of the largest infrastructure companies and mobile network operators in the world.


Caban Systems’ deployment and energy management staff facilitates operations at +10,000 sites in the United States and Latin America. The team has extensive experience installing solar generating systems greater than 60 MW. On average, our EaaS offering provides more than 8.8 MWh per month of energy, for the consumption of cell phone sites.

Our Clients

Our experience and active operations in 7 countries, including US, Mexico, Caribbean,
Central America, South America and MEA, allow us to offer customers references to
certify our performance and recommendations in different projects.

We work with all major telecom carriers and mobile network operators across LATAM
and the Caribbean to support the telecom industry’s clean energy transition by facilitating
Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3, GHG compliance protocols across their network.